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At Willows Bistro we take our coffee very seriously.  To begin with we have our own unquie blend of Coffee roasted only for Willows Bistro.  The blend conforms to the proprietor's exacting standards for taste, freshness and overall drinkability. 

As every cofee connoisseur knows freshness is paramount when prepareing a quality cup of coffee.  That is why at Willows Bistro every single pot of coffee is ground fresh seconds prior to preparation.  This ensures that the freshness and overall quality of our coffee remains consistent each time you visit us.  We guarantee 100% satisfaction.


To create the signature blend our roastmaster uses a slightly longer than Peak roast, to a specific shade of brown. The extended roasting time creates a hearty coffee with moderate aroma, with heightened flavor and body. Medium and other dark-roasted coffees offer more consistent flavor than lighter-roasted coffees, because the roast adds its own distinctive flavor to the cup. Delicious bittersweet undertones are evident, while any acidic bite tends to diminish.

A medium roast of colombian coffees make this breakfast blend bright and smooth just right for the 1st cup. Notes of Caramel and spice delight the senses. 

Each month our roastmaster prepares a special flavored coffee just for Willows Bistro.  We never know just what that will be, but we can tell you that they are all delicious.  Make sure to stop in to sample each new flavor.